How the Story is Unfolding About Affiliate Marketers Reaching Out to Partnering Businesses.

To build a product presence for a given site as this one, canvassing various nutraceutical suppliers/manufacturers online (and even by l.d. phone via international phone card) with the e. g. of AIMGlobalOnline, Philippines, USANA of Utah USA or Drop Bio Pty Limited of UNSW in Sydney, Australia, to query about possible affiliate marketing opportunities for those cos. in Canada. Thus far, this Owner/Principal has officially communicated with UNSW, Sydney regards any possibilities in nutraceutical products in use in clinical settings there as interventives and for maintenance of wellness, to obtain contact names and addresses for communicating via emailing, social media (messenger) (FB, LinkedIn), and even “Zoom” (WiFi) are the goals to site building success as I am sure I will be learning from the available training courses and classes for