Healthcare Delivery of Products and Services for Tackling Immune Health

Medical advances are always welcome news especially if it indicates breakthroughs in healthcare delivery of products and services, in this case, with preventative healthcare tackling the issues around chronic inflammation and now its proven involvement in certain Cancers, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and Alzheimer’s.

Recently in Sydney, Australia as their leading pilot program at the Uni. of New South Wales, Sydney we queried for more information on products and services in support of fitness & exercise equipment and aides, nutritionals or dietary supplements, including nutraceuticals, now widely available in the marketplace (for e. g. see: Philippine, of Utah USA and the Drop Bio Pilot Project at UNSW, in the Sydney campus, Australia), alcohol treatment/counselling and their services/product aides, anti-stress therapy and counselling, and sleep/rest therapy and product aides.

In other words, what contractors and their manufacturers are availed of proprietarily for supporting preventative healthcare and with interventives in lifestyle changes with diet and exercise, treatment and therapy with prescription drugs and further hospitalizations in medical care.  In particular, our query here centres around use of nutraceutical products and other related nutritional supplements that are recommended by therapist and counselling services and what disclaimers there are, if any, to such supports or interventives, in practice.

To round out here this writer or author is proud to participate in the direct sale of products and services for health and wellness and to actively participate in the preventative healthcare and maintenance movement in order to realize changes to this still growing problem of occupational health that is a leading cause or ‘silent killer’ in our societies today.