Are ‘Medicinal’ Proteins and Carbohydrates and/or their Sugars Life-giving from Veggies-n-Fruits?

It has been already demonstrated with proteins like milk food proteins (MFP) (e. g. casein, alpha-lactalbumin and lactoferrin) that in the case specifically of lactoferrin that the whole protein enters the cellular milieu and affects cell signaling and the regulation of TF expression which has an impact on chronic or low-grade inflammation via indicators in blood biomarkers in the body. Can we speculate also further with complex carbohydrates like pectin, gluten, fibre in the gut and complex water soluble sugars as to their effect on immunity (e. g. fructan sugars and oligomers). These will all eventually have a bearing on health and cardiovascular health status, diabetes type II prevention and even Cancers in the body.  Research we have begun on protein components as the unit functional amino acids as they individually affect intake regulation, lean body mass (LBM) accretion, energy and rest, also their component peptides (as in tuna Bonita fish food spp.) for preventing heart attacks (and strokes?) including vasodilation and other proteins commonly found in vegetable pulse legumes, cereals grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in our diet perhaps similarly to MFPs (above), especially with respect to heart health.