A Brief Welcome to My Story

I’ve recently been interested in online market research publishing e-newsletters of various kinds on topics with nutraceuticals regards immune health and the growing belief that the condition called chronic inflammation accompanying this ‘metabolic syndrome’ can be assessed with more advanced proteins and hormones serving as ‘biomarkers’ in the blood and with clinical assessment can be treated together with the help of natural food supplements as part of a balanced healthy diet.

Currently I am a fitness enthusiast and work out in a gym weekly of the belief that with lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, exposure to pollutants in the air, water and food we consume in part can better my odds of bypassing common conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and even Cancers, especially later on in my years with aging.

I just so happen to enjoy good health even until now and attribute this primarily to exercise (including walking, I do not drive a vehicle) and by consumption of a well-balanced diet rich or high in protein, complex carbohydrates including fibre, rich in vitamins and minerals, healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, controlled dietary cholesterol intake and lower salt intake to keep the blood pressure (b.p.) in check and also with lowered stress levels (except for physical exercising).

Existence now of life-supporting counselling such as Drop Bio at the Univ. of New South Wales in Sydney Australia, to avert the progression of occupational-related disease conditions through mailed in ‘a drop of blood’ assessment for proteins and hormones to assess the current picture of a client’s health status begs the question of how we can further market nutritional aids and other health supports around such health-related counselling and clinical follow-up. If prevalence follows with this type of preventative care and clinical intervention then more research for food product development of such nutraceuticals is needed now to help support those in need of recovery and maintenance.  Natural or organic sources would prove to be a safe and sustainable source of nutritional supports around a client base for all age groups including working professionals and the elderly or aging seniors in our population.

I believe that where heart attacks and stroke and Cancers are leading causes of death including over consumption of highly processed foods which contain high levels of sugars and salts, artificial ingredients and other contaminants that eating organic and foods that are produced by methods that are less harmful to the environment in the long term and such foods that are less processed and more nutritious and healthy and furthermore supported with health aide nutritionals especially designed for convenience for the busy adult professional or family member, and also in some cases adapted to children’s needs, would go a long way to improving our public health profile or demographic, especially now for starters.

My goal is to make available high quality products with high quality ingredients and at competitive prices to both single adults and families and seniors who need all the support in creating healthier lifestyles and to make them more confident through personal and life challenges in adult life.


All the best,


Health from Natural Nutritional Supplements